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Trying to walk into a store or across someone’s property can be dangerous to anyone. As unmaintained pavement breaks and crumbles people trip breaking ankles and legs. Leaf-filled gutters and leaking downspouts leave business sidewalks slippery leading to broken hips and traumatic brain injuries. The negligence of a property owner should not leave you with tens of thousands in medical bills.

Unfortunately, the big insurance companies understand that too. The big insurance companies you see advertise on TV every day make millions and millions in profit every year by having professionally trained adjusters and defense lawyers in place to systematically prevent you from making reasonable legal claims.

After suffering a serious loss, most people are lost emotionally and financially. People lose their jobs. People lose their homes. People suffer from long-term mental health problems. They develop post-traumatic stress disorder. The average person would struggle to pursue a serious insurance claim even without this nightmare.

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